Victims of abuse can end up the victor


People caught up in abusive relationships feel as if they’re trapped in a padded prison. There seems to be no way to escape from your ‘other half’ and for Dasha this of course was true a hundred fold.

Victims are undermined, dominated and made to feel they are worthless. And yet Dasha, remarkably, possessed a wisdom and self-assurance which never ceased to amaze me.

But why? How?

Perhaps it was because although Masha diminished her with what we now call coercive control, she also empowered her with her scorn for the abuse they both faced on almost a daily basis. Or maybe it was her innate wisdom that enabled her to eventually rise above all the ill treatment? Or was it the unconditional love she could always rely on from Aunty Nadya?

I believe it was probably a combination of these three factors. What do you think? All I know for sure is that despite all the monumental obstacles she faced, she emerged as the eventual victor. She overcame her depression and was able to tame Masha and find peace with her.

Masha used to jokingly quote the Russian proverb ‘two bears can’t live in one lair’, but in the end Dasha proved that two lambs could share a pen.






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