The Loneliness of Being Bullied


Masha and Dasha were bullied.

First by the scientists who took them from their parents to study them like guinea pigs.

Then by those in authority in the institutions where they were forced to live.

Since they had two different personalities they reacted in two different ways. Sensitive Dasha shrank back and withdrew, but tough Masha fought back. She became a bully to protect herself.

Someone said to me last night that being conjoined must be the worst torture a person can go through. This comment got me thinking that there were definite advantages to being conjoined – and one of them is never feeling isolated by bullying.

Most of us face bullying alone but Dasha always had her sister pulling her to her feet and saying ‘if they don’t need us we don’t need them.’

Being a victim of bullying is a lonely business. But when you always have a ‘partner’ at your side who is the target of the same persecution – whether it be from fellow inmates or the poisonous press – you have an ally.

There’s a lot in the news nowadays about children and teens suffering from depression and anxiety because of the oppressions of social media. What we need is a person to talk to, not a portal.

A problem shared is a problem halved.

Something we could all remember.


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