Please help me! What do you do if there’s no one to help?



I’ve had my share of problems in life, love and relationships.

But there’s always been help at hand. Whether it’s through the therapy I went through with my two husbands and more recently as a singleton, or through friends, family, on line forums, psychiatry sites on the internet, you name it, help is available to people who need it and are willing to access it, 24 hours a day.

Masha and Dasha were viewed as mutants in a society that didn’t accept physical flaws of any kind.

They both had opposite personality disorders stemming from the abuse they suffered in childhood.

And they had no one to turn to for support and understanding of their condition.

They weren’t even told they were conjoined. In an article in ‘Life Magazine’, in 1966, the scientist who conducted the experiments on them as small children wrote that as they reached puberty they would need psychological help.

But neither he nor anyone else offered it.

Masha’s response as they grew to adulthood was ‘if they don’t need us we don’t need them.’

Dasha’s was to sink into a suicidal depression.

I understood this and tried to talk to Dasha honestly and openly when Masha was asleep (Masha didn’t talk about the psychological consequences of never being apart – she preferred to bulldoze through life under her own steam) but Dasha wouldn’t, or couldn’t speak to me about her inner world.

And yet, miraculously, through the power of her own rationale and common sense she found a way to cope with being locked into the same body as an abusive sister and to redress the balance of their warring personalities. Ultimately she was the one to achieve peace and wellbeing for them both.

I remain in awe of that stupendous achievement.

The power of the mind can be a terrible thing but also a wonderful one. If we just try hard enough.


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