End of life advice

I met a friend today who has terminal cancer and asked her what her advice would be to those who have their life before them. She said it would be to seize opportunities in life and pursue your dreams.


That’s easier said than done. Confidence is 80% nature and 20% nurture. The essence of confidence is  indifference. In other words confident people think: ‘I don’t care what people think of me, I’m going to do it anyway.’ Acquiring confidence however, is hard and takes constant application and self awareness.


Masha was born confident and Dasha acquired confidence. Masha seized opportunities and Dasha gritted her teeth and followed her into the unknown. (Going to the school in Novocherkassk and appearing on the TV show ‘Vzglyad’, in order to escape the asylum.)


My friend has inherent confidence – lucky her – and when looking back on her life, she was telling me about how seeing the bigger picture helped her make the right decisions. That meant that now she can face death with equanimity and no regrets.


We should take the driving seat in our lives instead of buckling up in the passenger seat and sitting back for the ride. Of course when you are eighteen years old and are incarcerated in a locked institution for the elderly for the rest of your life, it’s impossible to take control. But we are not like the teenage Masha and Dasha. Luckily we have opportunities to take the wheel and navigate our own course. Let’s remember that. Let’s steel ourselves and strike out onto the open road to pursue our dream. Life is short.


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