So you don’t want to take a risk and do something new?


You’re comfortable in your job, your marriage, your house, your town and your country. You don’t want to rock the boat.

Or maybe you’re not? Perhaps you think that if you could just pluck up the courage it might be exciting and more fulfilling to step out of your comfort zone and do something different? Buuuut, you just can’t do it because it’s scary.

Now. Imagine what it’s like to be placed in a tiny, dark room in an Old People’s Home at the age of 18 and told that you will have no one your age to talk to and nothing to do for the next fifty odd years.

No TV, no radio, no work, virtually no books. Nothing. To. Do.

Masha and Dasha had no opportunity step away from their routine and explore. They weren’t allowed outside the narrow grounds of their Home, let alone outside Moscow to another city or another country.

Amazingly, they coped. They made the best of it despite all the odds, year upon year upon dreary year.

But we don’t have to.

We’re the lucky ones. But perhaps our minds are rather like the fearsome Administrator at the Twentieth Home for Veterans in Moscow who locked them up there for life.

Until they broke free in a stupendous act of dual courage, overcoming all their fears.

But we don’t have to appear before millions of viewers on live TV in an appeal to change our circumstances for what we know deep down, will be for the better.

We can just wake up one morning and do it.

Let’s take advantage of the opportunities we have.



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